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  • MultiCam V-Series CNC WaterJet

    Image of MultiCam V-Series CNC WaterJet

    V-Series CNC WaterJet – High Performance, Versatility, and Productivity at an Affordable Price:

    The V-Series CNC Waterjet may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. With the V-Series, you can make pure water or abrasive cuts.

    To maximize your productivity, the V-Series CNC Waterjet comes with multiple heads so you can simultaneously machine parts. And, you can accurately cut just about anything you want. Cutting applications range from steel to galvanized metal, stone, glass, and plastic. You can cut for nearly any common application, including manufacturing HVAC equipment, making signs, or making automotive parts.

    A KMT Tri-Line Pump is an affordable solution that creates up to 55,000 PSI in operating pressure to make your cuts happen. Manufactured with the idea of requiring less maintenance, it’s also easily accessed when necessity dictates. The V-Series CNC Waterjet also comes with an optional closed water filtration system, abrasive removal system, or intensifier ranging in power from 30 HP to 200 HP.


    EZ Control® and EZ G-Code®

    12- MB of memory with unlimited file size transfer

    60” x 122” steel slat bed

    Abrasive feeder/hopper system

    KMT Tri-Line Pump

    60K PSI


    Table Size Range: 60in x 60in to 80in x 240in.

    MultiCam CNC Knife with optional cutting heads

    Full range of intensifiers up to 50 HP

    Abrasive and pure water heads

    Multiple heads for simultaneous machining of parts

    Closed water filtration systems

    Abrasive removal system



    Z-axis clearance: 6”

    Z-axis travel: 6”

    Cut speed: 600 IPM

    Rapid traverse: 1,000 IPM

    Repeatability: +/- 0.001”

    Drive system X and Y axis: rack and pinion

    Drive system Z axis: lead screw

  • MultiCam 3000 Series CNC WaterJet

    Image of MultiCam 3000 Series CNC WaterJet

    An Easy-to-Use and Affordable Cutting Solution for a Wide Variety of Materials:

    If you need to cut a wide variety of materials, you’re in the right place when looking at the Multicam 3000 Series CNC Waterjet. With waterjet machining, you get an impeccably accurate cut without an edge impacted by heat.

    EZ Control G-Code and EZ Suite software ensures smooth and accurate operation by all your employees. Forklift tubes are built right in the 3000 Series for easy transport. And if you need to make an abrasive cut that doesn’t require water, you can make the transition fast.

    You get 8 different options for customization to choose from so you can meet all your cutting applications. With a cut speed of 1,500 IPM and rapid traverse speed of 2,100 IPM the 3000 Series Waterjet works quickly enough to get your project done by your deadline, without sacrificing cut quality.

    But, the real reason you’d get the 3000 Series CNC Waterjet is for its versatility in cutting applications. You can cut any material accurately, and without a heat-affected edge, ranging from steel to stone or plastic. And you can cut for any industry, starting with simple sign making and structural steel and getting as precise as aerospace.


    MultiCam EZ Control®, EZ G-Code and EZ Suite® software

    All-steel, stress- relieved, integral water tank design

    Three-side cutting tank access

    Integrated fork lift tubes

    Heavy channel guttering for water runoff and significantly increased machine rigidity

    Dual-side, brushless digital AC servo drives

    Fast transition between pure water and abrasive cutting

    Weir settling tank and sump pump

    Integrated PC with 19” LCD monitor

    Full range of KMT intensifiers


    Full range of KMT Intensifiers

    Single or dual abrasive head assemblies

    Up to four pure water heads

    Pneumatic drill

    Integrated CNC control air conditioner

    Chiller for intensifier

    Abrasive removal systems

    Air ballast water-leveling system

    Closed-loop filtration system


    25mm linear bearing profile rails

    Z-axis clearance: 10”

    Z-axis travel: 8”

    Cut speed: 1,500 IPM

    Rapid traverse speed: 2,100 IPM

    Repeatability: +/- 0.001”

    Drive system X and Y axis: linear rack and pinion

    Drive system Z axis: precision ball screw

  • 6000 Series CNC WaterJet

    Image of 6000 Series CNC WaterJet

    Don’t have a large budget, but do need to make highly accurate cuts for aerospace, automotive, HVAC, marine, stone cutting, or general metal fabrication purposes?

    The 6000 Series CNC Waterjet may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s been specially designed to accurately cut a wide variety of materials at high speeds. And of course, since you cut with water, you get an excellent finish without an edge damaged by excessive heat.

    All manufacturing’s been done with certified laser calibration equipment, so you don’t have to second-guess the precision level. That also means your customers can count on high work quality too, which means they’re happier.

    Modular base rails have been made from ½” thick structural tubing. This means you have an extremely rigid cutting base, which nearly eliminates vibration and keeps your cutting quality high. The 6000 Series CNC Waterjet also runs much quieter (and especially so at higher speeds) than a rack-and-pinion system because of the Alpha gearboxes and precision manufacturing the machine frame.

    The helical rack also has many more engaged teeth than your standard straight system, and that helps the CNC Waterjet accelerate faster and cut more accurately. The rapid-traverse moves so quickly that your customers will even notice if they stop by to see you working in action.

    Add on top of this MultiCam’s EZ control system, which does just like it sounds, and you have a winning combination for quality, accuracy, and consistency.

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