ACS is proud to announce our partnership with EFI, an innovator in printing technology, to distribute a new line of LED wide-format printers.

  • SigmaNEST X1

    • Image of SigmaNEST X1
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image
    • SigmaNEST X1 Image

    SigmaNEST: The Single Solution for ALL Your Machines!

    Introducing SigmaNEST X1, the latest version of the world’s best Plate/Sheet metal CAD/CAM system, offering improved functionality for CNC punch, laser, waterjet, router, knife, combo and plasma machines. SigmaNEST runs every type of machine, delivering maximum versatility and scalability to meet your requirements for today and beyond. From increasing productivity to saving valuable materials and manpower, SigmaNEST optimizes your shop floor process without sacrificing quality or quantity. Integrate SigmaNEST with your design, manufacturing, and business programs to get the most out of your complete nesting solution.


    • 3D CAD Integration
    • Superior Nesting
    • Work Order Management
    • MRP/ERP Integration
    • Machine Load Management
    • Multi-Process Machine Support
    • Customizable Reports /E-Reports and Labels


    • Single Source Programming
    • Part/Nest Compatibility Across Multiple Machines
    • JIT Integrated Communicative Processing
    • Streamlined Programing and Nesting for High-Volume Machines with Automation
    • Unified Training
    • One Software Subscription
    • High Level Integration / Automation
    • Bottom Line! Increased Efficiency with Time and Material Savings

    What is Automation 4.0?
    Industry 4.0 is more than just an industry buzzword. It’s the idea of using the latest technology and industry innovations to take existing processes to the next level. As our industry becomes increasingly digitized and integrated, it’s important to maximize the latest advances to improve shop floor flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness. Embrace the future of the industry now, and take your first steps toward Smart Manufacturing.

    Looking Ahead
    In the coming weeks and months, look to ACS for more information that can transform your manufacturing process and make Automation 4.0 a reality, with SigmaNEST technologies.

SigmaNEST Software :
  • SigmaNEST X1
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  • Plasma NOVA bevel cutting cover

    Plasma NOVA bevel cutting



  • Plasma NOVA with plasma cover

    Plasma NOVA with plasma

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