ACS is proud to announce our partnership with EFI, an innovator in printing technology, to distribute a new line of LED wide-format printers.

  • Mitsubishi’s New SR-F Laser Platform cover

    Mitsubishi’s New SR-F Laser Platform

  • Mitsubishi 2017 Open House cover

    Mitsubishi 2017 Open House

  • Plasma NOVA bevel cutting cover

    Plasma NOVA bevel cutting



  • Plasma NOVA with plasma cover

    Plasma NOVA with plasma

  • Linea Nova Dual Gantries cover

    Linea Nova Dual Gantries

Digital Cutting Solutions

MultiCam 3000 Series WaterJet

The 3000 Series High Pressure WaterJet Gantry System offers unique advantages over other conventional cutting technologies. Combined with the MultiCam EZ Control System and GeoMate ® post processing & nesting software is capable of cutting virtually any material with a high degree of accuracy and without heat. Abrasive WaterJet is an ideal process for cutting thin gauge to very thick steels, stainless steels and aluminums, as well as glass, Plexiglas, stone, plastics, insulations, foam, rubber, gasket materials, etc, etc….

The 3000 Series WaterJet provides is the perfect choice for those looking for value, versatility and high cut part tolerances – for the immediate budget.

  • High Pressure Pump:
  • WaterJet Options:
  • Table Sizes:
  • Rapid Traverse:
  • Repeatability:
30HP, 50HP, 75HP – up to 200 HP & 90ksi Intensifier Pumps
Single and Multiple Independent Cutting Heads – Water Only & Abrasive
(50in x 50in) to (80in x 144in)
up to 2,500 IPM
+/- 0.001”

MultiCam Digital Express

The MultiCam Digital Express Gantry System is loaded with features normally found on more expensive X/Y/Z cutting & processing systems. It combines high speed digital registration with powerful routing, knife cutting and corrugated cardboard creasing capabilities in a fast, wide format sheet feed cutting platform. Companies that are looking for a versatile, affordable platform that can register, route, knife-cut and crease at high speeds will appreciate the affordable price point of the MultiCam Digital Express.

  • Spindle Range:
  • Table Sizes:
  • Rapid Traverse:
  • Cut Speeds:
  • Repeatability:
  • Weight:
4HP Collect Spindle (24,000 RPM) to 3HP Pneumatic Spindles (50,000 RPM)
(50in x 50in) to (120in x 289in) w/ Material Conveyor Systems
up to 7,000 IPM
up to 3,000 IPM (depending on processing methods & materials)
+/- 0.001”
3000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs.

MultiCam Graphic-X-Cutter

The Graphic-X-Cutter is a popular choice among growing sign & graphic shops with “True UV Curable Vacuum Flatbed Printers” (cutting registered graphics on rigid & soft sub-straights). The custom engineered extruded aluminum gantry & steel legs provides a rigid assembly that can carry multiple cutting and processing options. Coming standard with a Dual Tangential Knife Cartridge and MultiVision Registration this gantry can also be equipment with a Collected or Pneumatic (tool changing) Spindles. The Graphic-X-Cutter provides a strong, stable digital cutting platform at a very affordable price.

  • Spindle (HP):
  • Tangential Knife:
  • MultiVision:
  • Table Sizes:
  • Rapid Traverse:
4HP Collect Spindle (24,000 RPM) to 3HP Pneumatic Spindles (50,000 RPM)
Dual Tangential Knife Cartridge – Oscillating, drag, kiss, rotary wheel cutting
Registration Camera
(48in x 48in) to (79in x 120in)
up to 2,100 IPM

Multicam Digital Express High-Speed Digital Finishing

The Digital Express is a dynamic, versatile, configurable platform for high-speed digital finishing at speeds up to 7000 inches per minute. A wideformat, sheet-fed or conveyorized cutting platform, the Digital Express combines high-speed digital registration with powerful routing and knifecutting capabilities.

2000 Series Laser – (100, 200, 400, and 600 Watt Resonators)

The MultiCam 2000 Series Laser cuts with a 0.0004” beam of light and is the latest in technology specifically designed for the sign, architectural and the sheet metal markets. The 2000 Series Laser takes advantage of the MultiCam EZ Control System and is an affordable laser system for those that cut, and rasters a wide variety of materials, including: acrylics, plastics, wood & light gauge metals. Able to raster engrave (etch) and vector cut all in one processing program.

  • Graphic images area easily raster engraved, etch on carbon steel, stainless Steel, wood, marble and granite.
  • Both cuts and polishes the edge of Acrylic in the same processing pass eliminating secondary operations and saving valuable production time.
  • Cut various Plastic – i.e. PETG Resins
  • Able to cut Stainless Steel up to 5/32” & Carbon Steel up to 5/16” thick.
  • Wood products can be easily cut with small kerf allow for limitless possibilities – inlaying and small detailed parts.

MultiCam 2000 Series Laser Specifications:

  • Table Sizes:
  • Laser (resonators):
  • Rapid Traverse Speeds:
  • Raster Engraving Speeds:
  • Repeatability:
(60in x 50in) to (80in x 241in)
100, 200, 400 and 600 Watt Lasers
up to 2,500 IPM
up to 2,500 IPM (depending on processing methods & materials)
+/- 0.001”