ACS is proud to announce our partnership with EFI, an innovator in printing technology, to distribute a new line of LED wide-format printers.

  • Mitsubishi’s New SR-F Laser Platform cover

    Mitsubishi’s New SR-F Laser Platform

  • Mitsubishi 2017 Open House cover

    Mitsubishi 2017 Open House

  • Plasma NOVA bevel cutting cover

    Plasma NOVA bevel cutting



  • Plasma NOVA with plasma cover

    Plasma NOVA with plasma

  • Linea Nova Dual Gantries cover

    Linea Nova Dual Gantries


Ron Rankin
CEO / President

ACS CEO Ron Rankin has been in the cutting industry for 30 years. An early adopter of automation technology, Ron started out as a welding engineer with Union Carbide, L-TEC, and ESAB, with accreditations and endorsements in Robotics, 5 Axis Contour Beveling, mechanized Plasma / OxyFuel / WaterJet / Laser Gantry Systems. Ron developed expertise in welding and cutting automation just as the industry was shifting from antiquated photocell technology to newer techniques in CNC cutting. As these rudimentary technologies became more robust, Ron became interested in automated nesting programs such as SigmaNEST that could automatically group parts, BOMs, and materials and nest them on a large scale and start processing and cutting.

With the latest in automation technologies under his belt, Ron earned an executive MBA in Operations Management from British Columbia Institute of Technology in 1992. The combination of on-the-job know-how and business training helped Ron master the intricacies of Workflow and Cost Analysis – understanding how automation technologies could help companies optimize their manufacturing work flow. Ron leveraged that experience to help companies like ESAB, Jet Edge, Calypso Waterjet System to develop service and distribution models and/or building and revitalizing their territories by better understanding the needs of their customers.

Based on his experience educating customers, holding seminars in sales territories, hosting open houses, and setting up service and distribution contracts, Ron founded Applied Cutting Solutions in 2010. As a passionate advocate for automation and lean manufacturing, Ron has built ACS into a distribution company that partners with companies across the Northwest region to identify key technologies and training that will help them grow their business.

Rob Case
Vice President of Sales

Rob has been in the sign & graphic industry for over 10 years. Working in distribution of media and capital equipment. Focused on workflow integration is the key to his success through his varied work history for distribution and direct end users. Rob has built a solid network of support inside the sign & graphics industry.

Allow him to share his diverse understanding to maximize workflows in all aspect of the industry with you. Distribution 2.0 is what I believe in and want to introduce our customers to, we live here, we work here, we service here. Let us share our curated products for the S&G industry as well as our Fabrication division.

Kerri Martin
Business Manager

Kerri Martin came to ACS in 2014 and, as Business Manager, quickly became an integral part of the company’s future growth.

Kerri studied Registered Nursing and Biology at Western Washington University.

After working 5 years as a Registered Nurse, she took several years off to raise her two daughters. During that time, she trained as a contract accountant with a Bellingham CPA.

When Kerri returned the workforce, she gained experience with a range of small and large start-up companies and entrepreneurs – and it was while doing so that she became passionate about supporting innovative businesses and individuals and the multifaceted challenges they present.

Kerri has deployed her start-up experience to transition into her role at ACS today: Managing the business, general accountants, logistics – and most of all, working with ACS’s valued customers.


John Prunella
Fabrication Specialist

Born and raised in the Northwest, John served four years in the United States Coast Guard where he learned discipline, teamwork and integrity. These values have carried John throughout his career.

John was educated at South Seattle Community College after which time he gained employment as a Journeyman Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic. During this period, John acquired knowledge of machine tools: both the repair and maintenance of this equipment, but also a deeper understanding of the equipment’s design, uses and automated benefits.

John’s passion for providing exceptional customer service and high-quality customer standards led him to become a Sales Consultant at Applied Cutting Solutions.

John brings over 30 years of experience in Sales Consultation and Regional Management, working with some of the largest international companies and leaders in the laser cutting and forming industries today.

The breadth of his knowledge and experience with a wide range of manufacturers and their diverse product mix allows John to apply lean manufacturing principles, analyze clients’ needs, identify workflow solutions, optimize multiple processes to eliminate waste, and implement the products and processes for the best client outcomes.


Dustin Reynolds
Customer Service Manager

Dustin Reynolds started his career in computer technical support, obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Computer Technology and completing the required testing to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

It was during this time that Dustin was introduced to Multicam Northwest (now Applied Cutting Solutions), and became captivated by machine tool technology.

For the last 15 years, Dustin has serviced equipment in the Sign & Graphics, Fabrication, Boat Building, and Aerospace industries, and commands a wide range of knowledge regarding router, knife, and plasma equipment troubleshooting and operation.

As the Service Manager for ACS, Dustin has installed well over 200 platforms – ranging from 4ft x 4ft to 10ft x 50ft gantry platforms. Dustin has also worked with hundreds of different companies within the Northwest to keep their machinery maintained and in full production.

Recently Dustin has become one of the face of ACS, having produced and presented in many of the company’s tutorial videos in order to provide ACS customers the training and support that they deserve.

Throughout the years, Dustin has developed many best practices for processing a variety of materials, and uses this database of knowledge to assist the ACS customer base – especially when unique challenges are presented.

Erick Martinez
Technical Sales Apprentice

Erick Martinez started working at ACS as an intern early 2017.

Before joining ACS, Erick worked with a private contractor in the construction industry. It was this motivation that allowed Erick to continue to learn and to pursue his advanced education with a Manufacturing Engineering degree from Western Washington University.

As a Technical Sales Apprentice for ACS, Erick has received continuous training and exposure to all the company’s OEM providers, focusing on manufacturing equipment processing solutions: routers, tangential knife cutters, fiber & CO2 laser, press brakes, CNC plasma cutting systems, digital cutting systems as well as digital wide format printers.

Erick’s knowledge continues to grow as he gains exposure to newer automated technologies and processing tools, all designed to provide a better way to optimize and reduce waste. As a member of ACS’s team of solution providers, Erick’s primary focus is to listen, observe, and consult on lean manufacturing strategies and practices that are designed to push competitive industries.

Erick is a proud member of the ACS team and of ACS Distribution 2.0.

“It is my job to listen and help you take your business where you want it to go.”

José Barajas
Customer Service Technician

From Legos to CNCs!

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, José Barajas was impressed at an early age by fast-paced advancements in technology as he progressed through high school and then college. As a student in Engineering Technology, José learned a variety of skills and methods ranging from CAD design to lean manufacturing.

José became very intrigued with the concept of equipment automation and the broad range of capabilities and benefits such technology could offer. He has applied this knowledge at several companies, helping to improve their quality as well as work flow productivity.

As a member of the ACS service team, José continues to develop his knowledge base and grow in the field, providing hands-on as well as consultation solutions that support a wide range of clients’ process improvement.